7 Digital Marketing Resources of Interest for July

I thought I would try to share interesting articles and tips I run across, and compile them into a short summary every month. Here is the first attempt at it.

How to Craft Question Headlines that Don’t Flop


Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flexman has shared four ways to create question headlines that can attract more visitors to your blog.
Flexman says, “There’s nothing more disappointing than a unique, thoughtful, and helpful piece of content with a headline that doesn’t do it justice.”
Great content needs a title that effortlessly captivates the attention of the writer’s ideal reader.

6 Strategies to Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance

Facebook advertising is seen as one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, as well as an easy way to reach larger audiences. And the right Facebook ad – when properly targeted – can make your ROI grow.
Entrepreneur contributor Imran Tariq has shared six strategies to help marketers improve their Facebook ad performance.

Google Alerts vs Talkwalker

You might still like Google Alerts for reviewing mentions of your brand, campaign hashtags or competitor names by entering keywords. And it is still widely used, even though I thought Google was going to kill it a few years ago. However, it’s mainly based on analysis of sites and misses out on social media mentions.
To help with this, you might try the free Talkwalker Alerts service. Talkwalker’s Free social search also monitors mentions of your brand, hashtags and competitors on social media.

Eight-Step Guide To Creating An Effective Sales Funnel

ReadWrite columnmarketing-funnel-tipsist Frank Landman has shared an eight-step guide to creating a sales funnel that can help marketers make more profit.
Landman says, “Your sales funnel is what allows you to reach your leads and customers in the most efficient way possible. A properly engineered sales funnel is able to track and identify where each lead is in the customer journey. This, in turn, allows you to market relevant offers and messages to customers based on where they are.


This is an example of an effective sales funnel, that I have had great success with. You can copy it and start earning passive income like me.


Strategies to Find Out If You are Marked for Negative SEO

If your site rankings are drowning and you feel that you have been hit by negative SEO, Search Engine Land columnist Joe Sinkwitz has shared some insights that might prove useful.
Sinkwitz says, “Have you ever experienced a rankings decline and suspected it was due to something a competitor was doing?” Here’s how to find out:


Do you need to create shareable content on social media that will consistently drive new traffic to your landing pages and websites? Qzzr is a quiz creation tool that empowers you to develop tools on a variety of topics to send out via social media.

Why Facebook Chatbots Could Be Your Best Friend in Online Marketing

In his latest deep dive into some of the benefits of Facebook marketing, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel examines what sets the Messenger function apart from other marketing endeavors. The ability to use chatbots with Facebook Messenger is a unique benefit companies can use to grow their businesses.

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