A Blazing Fast Blogging Platform

I am now using a blazing fast blogging platform, and unfortunately it’s not this blog running on WordPress.blazing-fast-blogging-platform

I started building this MikeInColorado blog a number of years ago, and of course I chose WordPress because it was the best, most versatile platform. It has served me well, but honestly, I know it wasn’t very fast.

You probably already know that Google likes to reward sites that are fast, and place them high in their search results. I have experienced this myself, when I built a new site for my WPLinkRotator on the blazing fast Cheetah web site builder. It quickly out ranked my other well established WordPress WPURLRotator plugin site.

Now, nearly all of my sales come from my new site. I suspect this is due to it’s high ranking (featured snippet for “wordpress link rotator”) because of the speed differences in the two sites.

Now you can build blogs on this same blazing fast Cheetah web site platform.

I have moved my DigitalMarketingPeak blog over to the new Cheetah blog builder, and it’s really fast.

I did a test comparison between this WordPress blog and my Builderall Cheetah DigitalMarketingPeak blog.

I have the same article on a WordPress blog, and on the Cheetah blog.

The difference in “Performance Grade” from Pingdom is astounding.

My Cheetah blog post ranked with an “A” at 97 out of a possible 100.

Builderall Cheetah Blog Speed


My WordPress blog post ranked at a dismal “D” at 68…ouch.

Wordpress Blog Speed

If this performance means my Cheetah blog posts will rank as well as my Cheetah built sites do, WordPress blogs may be in trouble 🙂

I also really love that I am not tied to a WordPress theme layout. I can drag and drop elements onto my blog where I want them and create my own theme. It truly is a drag n drop blog builder.

Plus I don’t have to worry about WordPress updates breaking my theme.

It might be time for you to start thinking about moving your WordPress sites over to Cheetah.

It is a blazing fast blogging platform that I think will give WordPress a run for it’s money.

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