Hi, it’s Mike in Colorado – welcome to my blog.

I am a 58 year old dad, and grandad, from Colorado, working to become a full-time internet marketer. I do have a day job that supports my family and helps me work on building my internet marketing business.

Like a lot of you, working full time limits the amount of time I can spend building my business. I continue to be motivated in this business, with the time I have, because I believe it will be exceed my current income as I move closer to retirement age (where did the time go?). My plan is to retire on my IM income as I continue to work the business because I love it!

Meet Me

I have a face for radio, and a voice for written text – meaning, I don’t do video or audio well 🙂
Yep, just a normal guy, not flashy, not salesy, really an introvert who is really finding success with this right now.

I am a software engineer, so the technical things come easy for me, but the marketing side of the business is a little more challenging to me. You may ask why a software engineer is not creating and selling software products in the IM arena. There are two reasons.

#1. It takes a lot of time to create software to sell. I don’t have the time to do that. Plus you have to support the software, which again takes too much time.

#2. I don’t want to spend my time away from work, doing what I get paid to do at work.

However, I do have a niche PHP software script that brings in a number of sales per month. I think the HomeBizRotator URL Rotator script is the best on the market (Okay, I am biased). It’s a great script that I keep updating and adding to, but it does not have enough broad appeal to make a lot of money. I have also created a multi-campaign WordPress plugin URL Rotator based on the HomeBizRotator.

I have also dabbled with creating WordPress plugins, you can see plugins those here!

Even though I don’t do a lof of programming these days, if you have a simple WordPress plugin idea that you would like me to create, I may be open to that. You can contact me at my helpdesk.

My main focus these days is affiliate marketing, where little time needs to be spent creating products, sales copy, doing support etc. I have become a student of list building because over the years the money has always been in the list, and always will be. List building to promote affiliate products can be very profitable.

I run my business on this belief, and refer to it often:
“Everything is always working out for me! I am blessed!”

You should try being positive about yourself too, it makes a difference!

On a personal note, I am in Colorado, I was born in Colorado and have lived here my whole life. I am the proud dad to one son and four daughters, with one of those daughters still being at home.

Our youngest two, are our Chinese Blessings. We were fortunate enough to travel to China two different times to bring our youngest daughters home. I am a big advocate of adoption, and would love to see more stable families consider opening their hearts and homes to a child needing a home.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I can help you out in some way.

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Mike Gates