Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way to Make Money Online

Making Money Online

Let’s talk about making money online.

affiliates-make-money-onlineMaking money online doesn’t have to be hard, People often over complicate it. People who are looking to make money online have a tendency to chase every money making opportunity. They buy way too many training courses, and software that they don’t really need. Those courses and tools sit on their computers and never get used. I know, I have been there.

Instead of chasing every shiny object out there, do you want to know what it really takes to make money online? Are you ready? It’s really complicated.

To make money online, you need a product or service that people want, need, or desire. Something that solves a pain point for them – time, money, lack of skill set etc. Then, you get the right offer in front of the right people. That results in $$$$!

Complicated right? It really is that simple, don’t over complicate it.


What are some ways of making money online?

There are also a lot of ways to make money online.

Creating and selling digital products

Ecommerce – selling T-Shirts, mugs etc. you design, to buying products from AliExpress and selling for a big markup.

Building sites for SEO purposes, and trying to get them high in Google Search rankings. Monetizing with Google Adsense or as an Amazon affiliate.

I have tried all of the above, and they do work. Some people make good money doing the above. But for me, it was just too time consuming, for too small of commissions.


Why I love Affiliate Marketing

That’s why I love list building and affiliate marketing.

I have not found a better method for making money online without having to spend every waking moment at your computer.

I don’t have to create products, or do customer support.

I get people to my email list by giving them something of value for free. I then get the right affiliate offer out in front of the right people, and make affiliate-marketing-definitionsteady sales.

As you know if you read about me above, I am a software programmer. You would think I could make good money creating software to sell online. But it takes too much of my time to create software, then I have to answer questions about the software and I have to support that software. That takes time I don’t have, and I don’t want to hire anyone to do that.

The concepts in email/affiliate marketing are also simple to understand.

  1. Get people on your list, and hopefully make a profit doing that, even if it’s a small profit.
  2. Follow up with those people with other offers. Any other sales you make off of those people is pure profit.

With these simple steps, it becomes important that you choose an initial product that people will buy, that has a high enough profit margin to cover your advertising cost.

Common sense right?

It’s even better if the product you are promoting has a monthly pay plan, so you keep getting paid month after month after doing the initial work once.

Ideally you want a product that once a person starts using it, they can’t do without it. Not having the product would cause pain in some way – lost revenue, time etc.


The Online Marketing Tools

Now, there will be people who tell you that you can make money online without having a website and a list. It’s true, in a way. I have made money without a website or a list, selling T-Shirts.

But it was never steady money. I’d make a few sales here and there, or maybe a good amount of sales at certain times of the year, but it was never consistent, steady profit.

For long term steady income, you need certain tools. You need web hosting where you can promote your products or services, or promote affiliate products. You also need an autoresponder so you can follow up with people as you build your email list.

Yes, these things cost money, but it’s the price of doing business. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost a lot, more on that later.


The Perfect Affiliate Product to Promote

So what if you could promote a product as an affiliate, while also using the tools it provides? Tools you already need anyway.

What if it has a monthly recurring income, and the initial affiliate commission on new members was about $29-$129?

What if I gave you the PDF report I use to get subscribers to modify as your own?

Plus I let you copy my lead capture page that converts at about 40%, my thank you page and my email follow-ups.

In addition, I will show you exactly how I am getting leads to my page!

If you had all of that, do you think you might finally be able to start making money online?

When you join me in promoting this awesome product as an affiliate, I will let you copy everything I am doing. Why would I do that, other than just because I’m a nice guy 🙂

Well, this product offers a 2-Teir Affiliate program. Meaning, when I help you bring new members to the platform, I get paid a percentage of their monthly fee. It pays me to help you. You make money, and I make money – it’s a win-win.

To be clear this is NOT MLM, or anything like that. It’s an affiliate program that pays two levels deep.

This is the perfect affiliate product to promote, it’s called – BuilderAll!


The Product

A product may have great affiliate pay, but if the product is garbage, people will be unhappy with the product, and want refunds. You could hurt your online reputation if you promote garbage products.

You need to make sure you are promoting a quality relevant product, such as BuilderAll.

I haven’t had one person cancel their BuilderAll account yet, and my first paying member signed up in July.

What is BuilderAll?

In summary, BuilderAll is a drag and drop web page builder, with many built-in lead capture page, funnel page, and business page templates.

builderall-marketers-dream-toolYou can easily build lead capture pages, like the one you filled out to get here, to complex websites, and even membership sites.

It also has a built-in Autoresponder allowing up to 10,000 leads, plus a number of other marketing tools, all in one convenient tool.

Really it’s like having web hosting (Unlimited Domains & Pages), AutoResponder, Graphics Design Studio, Video Tools, Mobile App Creator and Facebook Integration’s tool all in one platform.

It comes with a ton of training videos, and 24 hour customer support.

Click here to read my blog post about some of the BuilderAll features.


Can you guess how much BuilderAll will cost you for all that? Not as much as you’re probably thinking.

I can tell you that I pay the following monthly fees just for hosting and an autoresponder.

HostGator Reseller Hosting $24.95 (I need this for multiple domains/websites.)

Aweber AutoResponder – $30 (I have a special deal with Aweber since I’m an early customer. You would pay $50 per month for what I have.)

Total – $54.95 per month with my special Aweber pricing. You’d pay $74.95/Month


I can get you into BuilderAll for $29.99 per month. That is one heck of a deal!

You can get a FREE 7 Day Trial here (No Credit Card Required) and see for yourself how great the tool is.

After the 7 day trial if you decide this isn’t for you, let your trial expire.

Or, as you see the value in this platform you can become a paying member for $29.95 per month, and use the tool to build your own websites, and your own pages. Or perhaps hire yourself out to build pages for other businesses.

Or, even better, you can use the BuilderAll platform to promote the BuilderAll product, for significant one time commissions and on-going monthly commissions.


Here’s how it works.

  1. You pay the low monthly fee of $29.99 per month.
  2. You pay the one time 2-Teir Affiliate license of $97.
  3. I load my lead capture page and emails into your BuilderAll system.
  4. You make slight changes to the pages, and emails – your name etc. (It’s a good learning experience using the tool anyway.)
  5. You modify this report adding your affiliate link and details, and give it away to as many people as possible.
  6. I show you how and where to get leads.
  7. You follow my instructions and you start getting leads and new members. You make approximately $29, one time, for each new member, and an additional $97, one time, for each 2-Teir signup. That’s a one-time payment of around $120 after fees.
  8. You get paid around $9 per month for each member who comes in at the $29 membership, after the first month.
  9. You allow your 2-Teir members to copy this system so you make commissions on people they bring to BuilderAll.
  10. You get paid another $9 per month when your 2-Teir members sign someone up at the $29 membership fee.
  11. You start emailing the list you’re building. Even if they don’t want BuilderAll, they’re still on your list, and you can email them about other affiliate offers.


Think about this:

Currently BuilderAll has stats that show approximately 30% of all leads who become free members become paying members.

Plus, 50% of those paying member join the 2-Teir program.

I can show you how to get 100 leads to your page for $35-$45.

If 40% fill out your form, you have 40 leads. Then say just 30% of those take the free trial.

That’s 12 people on the free trial. Paying members would be 12 x 30% = 4 new members, at $28 (with fees) = $112.

Then if 50% joined the 2-Teir program, which they will want to after reading your report, that would be 2 x $92 after fees for another $184.

Making you a grand total of $296. Plus your monthly fee of $29 would be covered by the 4 members x $9 = $36.


How about a worst case scenario to just earn your money back on advertising.how-to-make-money-online

Landing page lead conversion of 25% or 25 leads. 25 leads x 33% free trials = 8. Conversions to paid members 8 x 30% = 2. That would be 2 x $28 = $56 (made your advertising cost back) with the potential of one going 2-Teir, which would be another $92 after fees.

Again, these are not income claims, but realistic potential.

That is the potential with BuilderAll and this report.


This is a great business model.

Plus, when people start using the platform by building sites, pages, and autoresponder sequences, they will be with you for a long time.

It’s a huge pain to move sites, pages and AR emails to other systems. You will keep getting paid month, after month, after month!

Dang, I get excited every time I think about the potential of this.

This product with its affiliate program is the perfect combination of product and money maker.

The product is a tool marketer’s need, and they will pay for it month after month.

BuilderAll keeps adding additional tools to the platform to make it even better. Plus they take customer suggestions for improvement and new tool requests.

Don’t Miss Out on This!

The 2-Teir Affiliate program is unusual in the industry, and I don’t know if they’ll keep it open forever. The sooner you get started the sooner you can start to see those commissions coming in.

Get Started with BuilderAll Now


My blog has more BuilderAll information about:

The 2-Teir Commercial License

BuilderAll FAQs

I’ll also be available for any personal help that you need.

I’m rooting for you, let’s do this together!










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