Builderall 4.0 Launch October 1, 2020

Builderall is doing their yearly launch of Builderall 4.0 on October 1st.

Builderall does this yearly “launch” every late summer or early fall and has been doing so for the last few years. These launches reintroduce Builderall to the public, with new additions to the platform, new affiliate contests and sometimes changes in membership options or pay plans.

Builder 4.0 Launch
Builder 4.0 Launch

As Builderall puts it, this 4.0 launch will bring:

“Aside from some new features and the amazing World’s first Drag and Drop Real Funnel Builder, what we are bringing to the marketplace with Builderall 4.0 is a solid, robust, complete, modern, bug-free platform with cutting edge technology, so entrepreneurs around the world can be confident in building their businesses in our structure.”

I’d like to see the Builderall 4.0 Launch Page Now!

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a digital marketing platform that contains most of the tools that you will ever need in running an online business.

Some of the most popular tools are:
Drag-n-drop site builder
Email marketing autoresponder
Webinar platform
Magazine creator
Facebook chatbot
Website chatbot

With each yearly relaunch Builderall has made great strides in improving their current tools and adding new tools. I’ve been with Builderall for 3 years now, and I can tell you when I first started I quickly fell in love with tools.

But I also have to admit there were a few issues with the website builder. It seemed to take most people quite a bit of time to learn the page builder, and you had to manually adjust your pages for mobile users. These two issues were not game stoppers but Builderall realized these were pain points for customers and improvements needed to be made.

They listened to customers and came out with their Cheetah website builder which was much easier to use. They also made changes to be able to quickly make any mobile changes. Now the only adjustments that may need to be made are easily moving a block up or down in mobile, and adjusting image sizes if needed.

I have seen the Cheetah builder grow and get better and better over the last year. I believe it’s now the premier drag-n-drop site builder on the planet.

Builderall really does listen to it’s customers and makes improvements based on customer requests. I have seen suggestions I have made be implemented. Builderall has over 100 programmers working on the platform making it more and more powerful.

What we do Know About the Launch

What Builderall has already announced is:

Builderall 4.0 Plans

1. Builderall Super-Free Plan: Builderall already had a Free Plan, that included the site builder and autoresponder. Now that free plan includes all of the Builderall tools. What??? Like me you are probably asking how can they have a free plan that includes all tools? Why would anyone ever upgrade to a paid plan? Well, there will be one catch. You can learn the Builderall tools without paying a cent. You can build your website on Builderall for free and launch it to the public for free. But your website will be using a Builderall branded URL and your site will have a Builderall banner on it. If you really want a professional website, you will want your own professional domain attached to your site. When you are ready to connect that domain, you will have to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Builderall believes that if they let you use their tools for free, and you start building your web presence, and see how powerful the platform is, at some point in time you will want to connect your own domain. If you already do digital marketing, you know you will need web hosting, a method of creating websites and pages, and an autoresponder at the very least. You can either pay for them all separately, or pay for them to be hosted by one company, and probably for a lower price on Builderall.

2. Builderall Premium Plan: The 4.0 Builderall Premium Plan will be $99.00, but during launch you will still be able to get it for $$69.90 with the 30% launch discount. That will give you access to all tools, all upgrades, everything…for life. You will never pay a higher price for the platform even if the prices goes up in the future.

Pro Tip: You can purchase Builderall today, before the official relaunch period for the $69.90. Why would you want to do that? Because another 4.0 feature of Builderall will be the funnel club. If you are a Premium member before the launch, you will get the Builderall Funnel Club for free. You will get access to 400 funnel templates, and chatbot funnels for different niches. If you are not a member before the launch, you will have to pay a one-time free of $199 to get access to the funnel club, then the regular $69.90 after that. You can save yourself $130 by getting started now.

3. Builderall Secret Plan: I would tell you what this is, but I don’t know cause it’s a secret 🙂 We’ll find out on launch day.

4. Builderall Website Agency: This is what I am most excited about. With a premium account, you will be able to run your own website agency, creating sub-accounts for your clients, and charging them directly with your preferred gateway. (100% into your pocket)

Lets say you have a friend or family member and they need a a website. You can build their website for them in your account, then when ready transfer it to their sub account. They don’t need to have a full blown Builderall Premium account, so you charge them a smaller fee monthly for their sub account.

Or, you land a large customer who needs your web agency services, and they will need a Premium account, but you don’t want Builderall charging them each month. You create a sub account and charge them directly. This will open a lot of doors for small and large agencies.

Builder 4.0 Announced Tools

1. Cheetah Funnel Builder: The world’s first drag and drop real funnel builder. This is the first tool in the world that you can actually build your funnel in a blueprint, have a complete preview, create the pages, email sequence, automation, simulation, a/b split test, and so much more! Then, the system will actually create the funnel for you! This is not just a blueprint, it is a real funnel builder!

2. Completion of the Cheetah Builder: After one year and more than 500k websites built, we have finally completed the Cheetah Builder. If you take a few minutes to learn how to work with Cheetah, you will definitely fall in love with it. The builder is now complete, user-friendly, beautiful, and full of high-end features. Cheetah is now bug-free and it is done, but obviously, we will keep developing new awesome technology inside Cheetah everyday.

3. Builderall Funnel Club: More than 300 funnel templates for you to edit and build money-making funnels to promote and sales Lead capture funnels to build your email list in different niches. And there’s more! Agency funnels for you to sell your services as an agency and local business Chatbot messenger funnels to offer your clients.

4. Builderall Booking Calendar app: The official launch of the Booking calendar app integrated with google calendar and zoom.

5. Builderall Design tool: A tool for you to download hundreds of designs and images for your website. All copyright free since we have created all the images!

6. Super Checkout with e-Commerce: Aside from a complete e-commerce solution on our super checkout app, we are also going to officially launch the auction and reverse auction systems, the new layout, and the Cheetah integration.

Pro Tip: The checkout auction and reverse auction integration has already happened. Picture this…you offer a product for sale. You do the reverse auction and the last person to bid at the low price wins the product at a reduced price, or even for free. But wait…you add the Builderall Facebook Share Locker and make people share the auction before they can register for the auction. This could easily go viral, and others who don’t win the auction will still buy. Plus you have all who participated in the auction on your email list.

7. New Animated Mockups for the Design Studio: Create amazing new animated mockups for your website with this new tool.

8. Webinar Upgrades: Now you can start a live or recorded webinar with ghost audience, waiting room, tagging, automation, call to action, new layout, new share screen layouts, and much more.

9. Builderall Marketplace: Buy and sell products with the massive Builderall affiliate network.

10. Share Locker Upgrades: The all-new share locker is now much more powerful! Create the viral effect on your website with videos and pictures.

11. Chat Builder and Private Chat Builder: Start a group or private conversation with your visitors on your website or membership area, and yes… it can be used as a help desk system.

What Can You Do With Builderall?

You first have to ask yourself what you want to do online.

Have you really thought about it?

Do you want to sell digital products like I do? Do you want to promote affiliate products, like I do? Do you want to build and sell websites or digital marketing services like I do?

Do you want to sell physical products? Do you want to sell your knowledge with online learning courses? Do you want to personalize a lead funnel system for you network marketing business, and copy it for your downline to use as well?

Whatever it is you want to do to generate income online, Builderall provides you with 90 to 100% of the tools to do that. What’s even better, you get those tools in one cloud based digital marketing system.

I want you to know, I am a certified Builderall partner, meaning I have been trained and certified by Builderall to help you get the most out of the platform. I know about it’s powerful capabilities and what can be done with the tools.

If you’re not sure what you want to do online, the easiest way to get started is with affiliate marketing. And, if you have little experience as an affiliate marketer, I can help get you started.

Builder 4.0 Launch Affiliate contest

Builderall is giving away $165 thousand dollars with of prizes in the 4.0 relaunch affiliate contest.

There will be 40 prizes given to the top sellers.

Prizes include:
1st Prize – Porsche 718 Cayman, $60,000 Value
2nd Prize – Ford F-150 Pickup, $29,000 Value
3rd Prize – Chevrolet Camaro, $25,000 Value
4th-40th Prize – MacBook Pro 13 Inch, $1,280 Value

The contest starts October 1st and lasts through October 31st.

Builderall will also provide you with affiliate materials for the launch. On your affiliate dashboard you will find your links, marketing material, promo videos, email swipes.
Materials to be released on Sep/24th)

Who Can Be A Builderall Affiliate?

Every Builderall premium user gets affiliation automatically approved. If you are not a Builderall user, you can still become an affiliate, but an application is required. Another reason to be a Premium member.

What You May Not Know About Builderall’s Affiliate Program

You make 100% commissions (minus processing fees) on your initial sale. Then you will earn 30% (minus small processing fees) every month your customers pay their monthly fee.

And even better, when someone becomes an affiliate using your link, then they sign up a paying customer themselves, you earn another 30% on that sub affiliate’s sales. It’s a 2 Tier affiliate program, which can explode your affiliate earnings.

Month to month retention rates are high with this type of product, because once someone creates a web property on it, they wont want to move it.

Having done affiliate marketing for quite a while, I have NEVER seen the level of support Builderall provides their affiliates. From pre-built funnels, to graphics and videos you can use, to emails you can copy, to weekly affiliate meetings…they provide you with every opportunity to succeed

Who is Builderall?

The Builderall platform creation started in 2011, with the goal of allowing anyone, from the individual to large companies, to generate real online results worldwide with one comprehensive, complete platform.

It was the brain child of Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Erick had the vision of changing the world by having one entrepreneur in every family around the world, using the online digital world.

He noticed an exponentially growing number of competitors, spammers, and unbelievably expensive tools were making it hard for entrepreneurs to have real results online.

So what if entrepreneurs had access to a tool that could truly help them achieve online success? It would be a single, smart platform, offered at one low price that isn’t complicated to set up or code. Well, that is exactly how Builderall was born.

Today we are here to give you all the tools and support your business needs to grow!

We know this platform is outstanding because we use it ourselves to grow our own businesses. That’s also how we know that Builderall has the tools EVERY entrepreneur needs to succeed and grow their business.

How Successful has Builderall Been?

Even though Builderall hasn’t been a traditional brand name in the digital marketing space, that is rapidly changing. Today they have more than 281 thousand satisfied users. More than 521 thousand websites have been published on their platform.

The Builderall autoresponder platform has sent more than 292 million emails and has collected over 52 million leads.

Builderall’s competitors are starting to take notice of the “little guy” rapidly gaining on them. They understand Builderall can offer more for a lower cost.

So get your Builderall Premium account now and get grandfathered in for the current price forever.

Become an affiliate and starting telling others about the Builderall 4.0 launch.

Start using the Builderall tools to understand the power of the platform and how it can help anyone wanting to build a business online. You can build anything from a simple lead capture page, to a full blown website with chatbots, a digital magazine and more.

Don’t wait…get started with Builderall now!

Here’s to your online business success!


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