Builderall 5 WordPress Integration Is A Game Changer

Builderall 5 WordPress integration is a huge game changer. Builderall is a great all in one complete digital marketing platform, and it’s flagship product is it’s Cheetah drag and drop site and funnel builder, plus it’s Mailingboss autoresponder. Today they have…I’m not even sure, 20 to 30 tools.

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However, Builderall recognized there are many NA users who have been using WordPress and wanted to continue to use WordPress for their site or blog, taking advantage of the plugin system, so they decided to integrate WordPress into their platform with Builderall 4.0.

BA started talking about the best way to integrate WordPress in 2019.

However, the 4.0 integration that happened in 2020 was based on installing WordPress on to shared servers. This resulted in some performance losses. Also, users could not access their files or database on the hosting platform.

Builderall 5.0 solved that issue. The end result is in an integration that makes WP installation easy for low tech users, while also providing high tech users access to the file system and database. Plus, because the hosting is on your own scalable Virtual Private Server (VPS) speed will never again be an issue, as you can step up to a more powerful server if needed.

The new integration is now live and you can get it today.

In this video I show you the Builderall WordPress dashboard and some of the features that I really like, including how you can access files via FTP/SPFT and access the MySQL database with phpMyAdmin.

Builderall will always aspire to be better as they add more features. The Builderall 5 WordPress vs the BA 4 implementation makes it much better and will make it easier to do migration from other WP hosting platforms.

The 2021 Builder launch has been the best so far, providing even more opportunities to make sales and earn money for the beginner to advanced user, as a product or service seller, or as an affiliate. This program just became more powerful, and is the best tool on the market today, worth much more than the low cost. If you are comparing Builderall to other similar tools, I’m sure you’ll come to the decision that Builderall bests them all.

I will have a step by step tutorial soon, that will review the Builderall WordPress Cheetah sitebuilder and how you can use it to easily create a stunning WordPress website.

Free Builderall 14 Day Trial

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