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A great article from Bridgett on how you can create and sell website templates.

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is build websites for myself. I love to get creative and I can seriously get lost in the creation and design process. But, creating websites does not pay the bills…. or does it? You can certainly work with clients and create websites or sales funnels for them. But, did you know you can actually sell website templates for people who just need a place to start. You really don’t even need a lot of experience to accomplish this.
I actually created a series of training videos to help you walk through the steps of creating your own template shop on the Builderall platform using all of the templates that come in the Funnel Club. This makes it even easier because all of the templates are already created for you! Plus, I gave you the templates we worked on in the training in my group.


Step 1: Create Thank You Page to deliver your website templates

When I am creating a sales funnel of any kind, I like to start at the end. That is where you want your lead to end up so they can actually convert to a sale. When selling website templates, one of the most important aspects of this is showing them what to do with it once it is purchased. Giving great instructions will help encourage return buyers and reduce customer service emails and calls.

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Step 2: Create Template “Products” inside Supercheckout

Once you create the Thank You page, you need to create your products in the Supercheckout. This is really simple and you can customize it with all of your branded colors.

This is also where you are going to choose your preferred payment gateway. We have many to choose from and we are always adding more.

In this video, I am going to walk you through the process of setting this up to ensure the process for your customer or client is seamless and professional.

Step 3: Create our ecommerce store and home page

After we have created all of the products and set up the payment process, we need to create our ecommerce store. This can be found inside the supercheckout menu in your Cheetah website. There are a lot of options and customizations you can make to your store.

Selling digital products is my favorite because you don’t have to worry about inventory and shipping. But, if you did have a physical product you wanted to sell, this ecommerce store has all of the features you need to manage that and I will go over that with you in the training video below.

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Step 4: Create a promo code and demo of each page for your template shop

Once we have set up our ecommerce store and homepage, there are a couple things we can do to help make this store profitable. The first thing is to create a promo code. This is a great way to encourage people to take action right away to not miss the special offer.

Builderall makes that so easy to create and use. I actually created a promo code to offer 100% off of everything in my template shop if they sign up as a premium Builderall member with me as their sponsor. This is also the most simple way of testing your funnel to make sure that everything is set up correctly without making a live payment.

In this training, I am going to show you how to create this promo code and how to create demo pages for your funnel to show your potential customer what they can expect when they purchase your template.

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Step 5: Testing promo code and getting the account link for our store

Now this is the most fun part! It’s time to test out our template shop sales process! Anytime you create a sales funnel, you always want to walk through it as the lead or customer would and make sure that it makes sense. I also encourage you to have others test it, even if they know nothing about funnels. It is great to have different perspectives to make sure every step is clear.

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