FB Image Clicks – Make Clickable Images in Facebook

Make Clickable Images in Facebook with my latest product.

I have recently released a new product called FB Image Clicks.

I don’t know if you’ve every noticed, but when you see an image in your timeline, and then click on that image, the only thing that will happen is the image will pop-up larger and overlay your timeline.

Well,this applies unless the image is actually an advertisement.

It’s not unusual for me to click images,but maybe I’m a bit weird.

Anyway, it seems like such a waste to have an image in Facebook and not be able to redirect people to another page if they click on the image.

Especially when I have seen call to action images that point to a link above the image, or to the image itself.   Perhaps people do click on the links above the image, that aren’t thaFacebook clickable call to actiont obvious. Or maybe they are like me and click the image itself.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could put call to action images in my Facebook timelines and have the images be click-able to a destination of my choice.

And since most of my Facebook pages have a corresponding WordPress site, it would make sense to be able to administer these Facebook image redirects with a WordPress Plugin.

And the Image Clicks plugin was born.

FB Image Clicks

The FBImageClicks plugin lets you post images to Facebook, on your timeline, on any group your a member of, and on any fan page you are a manager of that are links and will redirect the user to any URL you want.

With this plugin you can get up to 300% more clicks, which means more money in your pocket!


Make your Facebook Images Click-able with the FB Image Clicks plugin!

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I thinks this is a great product, you should by it.