Get Your FREE Website Builder & Free Hosting

That’s right, get a free website builder & free hosting…seriously it’s free and there is no catch.

The Cheetah builder is a free easy to use drag and drop site builder, and you can now use it for free to build as many sites as you want. This is not a free 7, 14, 30 day trial or anything like that. Builderall is now letting your create super fast websites on its platform for free.free-site-builder-free-hosting

You can create as many pages as you want, on as many sub-domains as you want. Why would Builderall do that? Because they want to prove to you that their new Cheetah site builder is the best builder on the market.

They want you to become a fan and spread the word.

They want fans like me 🙂 I recently posted my thoughts on the Cheetah site builder on this blog, and even showed some sites I created with it.

With the Cheetah site builder, not only can you create cool sites, you can sell products on your site. Using the free checkout system, you can collect payments via Paypal and Stripe, and then automatically deliver those products in protected membership areas…remember, all for FREE! Even better, the checkout system has a built in affiliate system so you can have affiliates selling for you.

What an insanely great value.

Here’s list of what’s included:

  • Cheetah Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Free Hosting
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited Membership Areas
  • Super Checkout (Including the ability to have affiliates selling for you)
  • Ability to do Bump Sales, Up-sales, and Down sales
  • Unlimited Impressions and Visitors
  • Page Loading Accelerator (See speed comparisons to other platforms here).
  • Mobile Page Loading Accelerator
  • Smart Popup
  • Website Sharing (Create websites and sell them to other people, just transfer the site to their free account)
  • Countdown, Evergreen and Fixed Date Timers

My mind is racing with so many different ideas on you can make money with these free sites.

Free Affiliate Program

You can even make money giving away these free sites. How? You can become a Builderall affiliate for free . Then build websites that show people how to get their own free websites.

Some people who sign up for those free websites, using your affiliate link, will upgrade to a paid Builderall plan, and you make 100% of that first commission, and then a recurring monthly commission every month.

Plus, almost unheard of in the affiliate marketing world, Builderall pays you on two levels. So, if someone you refer, as a free affiliate, makes a sale, you get a commission after the first month and for every month that customer remains active. Most customers remain active for years because they don’t want to move their sites to another host.


Marketing recurring income affiliate programs, is one of the best ways I know of to build a real online business, without killing yourself.

This is really more than just “affiliate marketing”. You get paid as an affiliate, but you can build income every month on recurring commissions by simply giving away free websites.

Your Builderall account is an asset to you and your family. You can even sell your Builderall account as a business owner. Or, you can will your account to your children. You won’t find a better business model than this.

Above I mentioned the paid Builderall plans. Builderall realized that not everyone had the same digital marketing needs, so they changed their paid plans to give you more options.

Feel free to start off with the free plan. As your business grows and your needs change, you can upgrade to the next level at any time.

What’s really amazing to me, is that even the top Builderall Premium plan is an unbelievable value for all that you get.

So there you have it. A free drag n drop website builder with free hosting. You really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Okay, I’m off to build another web property, because Cheetah makes it so easy!

A free website builder, that builds super fast mobile optimized websites, on free website hosting! What’s not to love about that?

Until next time – Mike

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