I’m a Lazy Sloth of a Marketer

So for those that don’t know a lot about me, I do this internet marketing thing part time. I have a full time job that I like a lot, and I need steady income in my life right now for a variety of reasons.

My hope is to someday be able to do this full time, but until then I work on this business evenings and weekends.


Except, this weekend I have been a totally lazy butt. I have spent too much time reading my favorite blogs and sports sites. I have watched some YouTube videos that are not related to marketing at all. I have watched some college football, and taken a nap.

It’s okay to take time for yourself and relax, but I have just really been unproductive, and now I’m feeling guilty about wasting so much time.

I’m just now sitting down to focus on activities I should have been doing all weekend. It took a 30 day boot camp I’m participating in to give me the “kick in the pants” I needed to get me moving.

I know if I don’t finish my daily homework from yesterday and today, before tomorrow, I will fall behind and it will be difficult to get caught up.

Is lack of motivation, or staying focused, a challenge for you too?

Do you put off things you know you need to do in your business but just don’t “feel” like doing them?

Maybe you put things off because you’re not sure what you should be doing?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with so much to do, that you don’t do anything.

I get it. I encourage you to do something today. Write a blog post, shoot a video, write an email…create some sort of content and post it somewhere.

small-marketing-steps-over-timeAs this boot camp teaches, you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to take action. Small positive action over time can lead to big things.

I have to say, this boot camp has been the best online marketing training I have ever had.

You probably think I’m getting ready to direct you to this boot camp training. I’m not…you can’t even sign up for it right now because it’s closed until December or January.

But I do want to introduce you to the guy that is teaching this boot camp, and holding people (like me) accountable.

He has a really good introductory course on ways to earn online and it’s really under priced.

Check it out.

Okay, I finished Saturday’s homework.

Thanks for reading,
Mike Gates

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