Lightning Fast Builderall Turbo Pages

During the Builderall 4.0 launch, a pleasant  and unexpected surprise was announced…that being something called Builderall Turbo Pages.

Builderall Turbo pages

Turbo pages are a special kind of Cheetah builder page that are amazingly fast.

Erick Salgado did a demonstration of a turbo page on the Builderall 4.0 launch replay, and in the Google webmaster site speed tool it showed a score of 100% on desktop and mobile!

Of course with me being the curious person that I am, I always have to test out these new toys with Builderall. So I built a turbo page using the Builderall Turbo Page Builder, and my results were the same…these pages are amazingly fast pages.

Builderall Turbo Pages
Builderall Turbo Pages

You can load the above page into the Google webmaster tools and test if yourself.

Now these pages are not traditional website type pages that you can just modify at will. It’s a special page template that you add your text to, in predefined text boxes. It then builds the page for you. It’s really a special kind of Turbo page template that you use to build these.

You would not use this type of page to build a whole website, but what they can be used for is what is called a bridge page. If you do Facebook advertising you know they don’t like direct links to some sales pages. So you create a bridge page to try to draw you visitors in, and hope they click a link to your actual sales page.

When you’re doing paid advertising it’s really important that your bridge pages load quickly. Some people won’t wait for even a few seconds for your page to load. You could create a bridge page using one of these templates. Then your turbo page has a link on it that sends visitors to the product you are promoting.

I’m curious to see how these pages will rank with Google. I know, having done my own testing, I’m convinced that Google gives preferential treatment to websites that load fast. So I’m doing a test right now to see if my Builderall Turbo page will rank quickly, and see if it will be ranked higher than other slower loading pages using the same keyword.

The only reason these pages may not rank is because they don’t have much text on them.

Again these turbo pages are a template that was built by Builderall. You fill in the text that you want to display on your page, including the button text and the link that you want to take people to. It then builds the page for you.

Since these pages are brand new, there are only two templates to choose from. Knowing Builderall, I’m sure they will create more templates that will allow you to customize your text even more, with images and graphics that are more aligned to you niche.

For my test case I created a turbo page related for my digital marketing people blog which provides tips and tricks for digital marketing. I filled in the blanks for my digital marketing tips blog and created a page. At the bottom of the page is a link that will take you to my blog.

I’m curious to see if the page will rank well, and if it will send people to my blog.

You can test the speed of this webpage yourself. Go to this Pingdom speed test tool and paste this page https://digitalmarketingpeak.com/digital-marketing-tips-blog Into the URL box.

To test with the Google webmaster site speed tool, click here to run the test.

You will see that Google gives a score of 100%, and Pingdom a performance grade of 99.

I have never seen a page with that high of a score, and I doubt you have either.

These Builderall Turbo pages are the fastest pages I have ever seen.

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