Making Consistent Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. However it can be challenging making consistent money with affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically you get paid when you make a sale of someone else’s product. It’s great for the product owner because affiliates give them a much larger reach than they could ever have on their own. It’s good for the affiliate since they can earn money by sending people to a special link that identifies them (so they get paid for sales), without having to create a product, create a sales page, collect money etc.

Probably the most common method of making money with affiliate marketing is doing launch jacking, where you find a product that is about to be released and then you do a review of that product. So when the product does release, hopefully you will be found on the first page of Google for the search term of “released product review”.Consistent-money-affiliate

The downside to doing launch jacking these days is so many people are doing it, so it is difficult to get listed on the first 10 results of Google.

In order to launch jacking you first need to find a product that’s going to be released. There are web sites, like MunchEye.com, that list upcoming launches. Then you have to hope that you can get a preview copy of the product, so that you know what you’re talking about when you do the review. Unfortunately, if you’re not a big time affiliate marketer you may not get access to the pre-release version of the product. That is not good for you because then you are doing a blind review of a product that you haven’t actually seen. This can be risky and can hurt your reputation online.

As a side note if you’re doing lunch jacking, or any other type of affiliate marketing for that matter, you need to be building a list of leads. Having a list of leads can help you build long-term income.

Another issue with that type of affiliate marketing is you have to constantly find new products to promote. When you’re doing lunch jacking, if you have a good Google ranking, you will see some good commissions at first, then they will slowly die off. Later, as the launch buzz dies, you’ll find that your commissions die off as well. That’s why it’s important to have a list, so when you do your next review you can email your list with your new review, and hopefully offer a bonus.

So even though I love being an affiliate marketer, and it can be very profitable, it is difficult to make a long-term consistent income without a heck of a lot of work.

But there is another alternative.

There is a better type of affiliate marketing called residual income affiliate marketing, that is based on promoting products that have recurring income. You promote a product that people pay for monthly…month, after month, after month. The great thing about this is that you do the work to make the sale once, then you get paid for it month after month until they cancel their subscription.

ResidualincomeHowever there are drawbacks to this as well, the biggest drawback is finding the right product to promote. You need a product that people are going to stay with long-term, you need a product that is going to be around for a while. It needs to be in what they call an evergreen niche, meaning it will always be needed by people. They will always need to use it and, it will never go away…and you will always get paid because of that.

You need a product that’s not reliant on changes in terms of service, or API changes of YouTube & Facebook. You need a product that people will use, and keep using, and they will never be able to leave because they become dependent on that product to run their businesses…so they will keep it long term.

Now it’s not always easy to find a product an evergreen product that will pay you month after month, and that’s going to be around a while.

When I find a product like this, I make sure to spend a lot of time and energy on that product, and I promote that product hard, and with focus. Because I understand that initial work will pay for months, and often years to come.

I want to show you the recurring affiliate program, for consistent money, that is the main staple in my business today, and will be tomorrow. It’s got a great pay plan, really unheard of in the industry, where, you get paid a 100% commission on the initial sale. Yes, 100% of the initial sale, then monthly recurring commissions after that.

Check it out here!

But I don’t want you to purchase today, because you don’t have to. This program offers a 7-Day free trial where you will get complete access to the whole platform, so you can see for yourself why I think this is the best business to be working online today.7dayfreetrial

I encourage you get the free trial and spend some time poking around in the in the back office. Have a look at all the tools, and look at all of the training available. Then think about how you can use it to help you fulfill your current online dreams.

What’s really kinda cool, is you can use the included tools to promote this platform and earn recurring affiliate commissions. You need web hosting, a web page/funnel builder and an autoresponder anyway. Why not use this platform to build your business, as you show others the benefits of using this platform, and get paid for it?

After you sign up for free trial you’ll get a few emails from me. In one of those emails will be an email address that you can use to email me directly, with any questions that you have. I will be here to help you because it pays me to help you.

The affiliate pay plan for this platform has a multi-tier payout plan. If I help you become successful, using the tool, and you show other people the value of the tool…when they sign up as a paying member, you and I both earn recurring income every month. You get paid and I get paid as well, so that gives me a big incentive to help you succeed. That also results in you making consistent money with affiliate marketing.

Here’s what you need to do. Follow this link, and fill out the form. That will give you access to the members area. Check it all out. Be on the lookout for emails from me, with my contact information. Then ask me any questions you have.

I hope to hear from you!

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