MikeInColorado Looking to 2019

MikeInColorado is looking forward to 2019

It’s been way too long since I posted here 🙂

It’s been a busy December and I’m just now finishing up with my Christmas and birthday shopping. Even though we don’t have a large family, for some reason we have 5 family birthdays in December. Two birthdays on the 15th, one on the 16th, one on the 24th and one on the 27th.

On top of all of that my wife had knee replacement surgery on the 14th, so I have been playing nurse. Just so you know, my wife is a much better patient than I am a nurse.

mikeincolorado-builderallBefore all the December craziness started, I did have the opportunity to do something for myself, and my business. I went to the first U.S. Builderall Everest even in Memphis Tennessee.

It was a great time and I got to meet a lot of great like minded people. It was refreshing attending an event where there was nothing to sell or buy. It was just a group of Builderall enthusiasts getting to meet, and get to know the CEO of the company, his family and other leaders in the company.

It was day of networking, and making new friends. It was also a day of learning and growing, as an individual, and as a business owner.

Plus, I got to enjoy the best barbecue Memphis has to offer! It was so good, even the vegetarian at our table took a vegetarian day off so she could enjoy the scrumptious meats.memphis-bbq-builderall

Sidenote: If you have not attended some sort of business type of event recently, I encourage you to find an event to attend.

I have never seen a group of people so free and willing to share ideas. People very open to telling you exactly what they are doing to create income online. Builderall is a community of people that really want to help others succeed.

That desire to help others, falls in line with their mission of wanting to help create a digital entrepreneur in very household in the world. That mission is why Builderall does all they can to keep the platform at a reasonable cost, while improving it and adding new tools.

2019 is looking to be another great year of growth for the Builderall digital marketing platform.

Here are just a few things that are targeted to be released in just the first quarter of 2019.

    • A CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) tool.
    • A tool to help build sales funnels by dragging and dropping components on to a canvas.
    • A new magazine app for building magazines, or ebooks.
    • A new chat tool similar to Whatsapp.
    • A tool to help find influencers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
    • New Open Funnels. These are funnels built, tested and optimized by BuilderAll business builders. You can use these funnels by simply referring open-funnelpeople to the funnel with your affiliate link. When people register at the funnel, the leads become your leads, and you get paid when they become BA members. The funnel creator is compensated for helping you capture leads, which helps you build your Builderall business. I may need to do a blog post on just this unique BA feature, since I have never seen anything like it before. Here is an example of an open funnel.

It’s a great time to get involved with the Builderall community as we head into 2019. This great platform will be my focus for 2019 and into the future. I would love to help people who are ready to get serious about focusing on building a business. People ready to get started doing something that can have a long term positive affect on their future.

If that’s you, get yourself a free 7 day trial here, to get an idea of all that Builderall has to offer.

You may get a bit overwhelmed when you see all the Builderall tools, and you start playing with them. Don’t – you don’t need to know how to use all the tools to get a grasp of all it has to offer.

After you see the value for the cost it will be a no-brainer to become a member. Then you can slowly start to learn pieces at a time as you need them. If you get stuck, I am here to help you, and there are plenty of other people in the online communities to help you.

It’s time to get started now, as we kick off a new year. Decide on the plan that is right for you and get started today.

Take the 7 Day Trial


Choose the plan that you want to start with. Eventually you’ll want the Builderall Business plan, so I recommend you just start with that. The value for the cost of that plan is ridiculously low. I have paid twice that, just for hosting and an autoresponder!

With Builderall you get so much for so little. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m sure glad they do!

Until next time,

MikeInColorado looking forward to 2019!

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