My URL Rotator – How it came to be

How my URL rotator came to be! (Now available as a WordPress plugin supporting multiple campaigns – WordPress URL Rotator)

A few years ago, I wanted to learn how to program in PHP since I could see that most of the online Internet Marketing software was written in PHP.

I had some programming background so I understood some software programming concepts, but I did not know the PHP programming language. I decided the best way for me to learn, was to start with a basic PHP script and add more to it.

I then had to come up with an idea that wasn’t too complicated, and would be useful.

During that IM time, I wanted to find a rotator script that would rotator traffic to a couple of products I was marketing as an affiliate. I wanted to see which product would sale the best.

The rotator neesite-rotator_Layer 1ded to rotate at least 4 URLs, be fast and be easy to use. Also, since I didn’t have the knowledge, or money, to send vast amounts of traffic to the link, I needed it to rotate the links in sequence.

I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for, and it hit me – I could create my own rotator. I found a very simple PHP rotator script, that was free and had no restrictions for modifying selling etc.

The script didn’t use a database, it used a text file you had to add links to manually. It didn’t track hits to the rotator link, it was a random rotator – it was very basic.

So, I started my journey into PHP programming. All of the help that I needed was provided by good old Google. When I ran into problems I would Google my problem and either find help from PHP programming sites, or PHP training sites.php-mysql

With the ever growing knowledge, I made a large number of improvements to the script. The most difficult task was find a way to make the rotator serve links in sequence.

All rotators I investigated, rotated in a random fashion because it was so much easier to program. I added database support, hit tracking support, the ability to enable cookies.

When I built the rotator, I did it to learn, I wasn’t really planning on selling it. But, I realized if I had the need for a sequential rotator, others may as well. So I decided to start selling it.

The rotator has not been a huge seller, many because it fits a pretty small group – those wanting to rotate links from one URL to several other deURL Rotatorstinations. However, I still sale enough of the rotator to make it worth my while to support. I also continue to add more options to the rotator, many of the suggestions coming from my customers.

If you have an interest in learning to program in PHP, there are a number of free resources online to help you out. It does take some time, but being proficient in PHP programming can be a huge bonus for your online business.

Until next time,

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Okay, to be honest – it is my URL Rotator and I am biased.

Soon to be coming as a WordPress plugin

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