New Drag N Drop Site Creator Rocks!

I have been using a new drag n drop website creator lately, and it really rocks.

The new Cheetah site builder by Builderall is really easy to use, and has some features that I think are going to rock the drag and drop site creation world.

Before I tell you about my experience with this new builder, it helps to understand the history behind it. Builderall’s flagship product is the Pixel Perfect site builder. I grew to really like Pixel Perfect, and have built a number of landing pages, sales funnels and web sites with it. It had a bit of a learning curve, but I got pretty good at creating with it.Leadfunneldevices

The only downside to that builder was that users had troubles getting their sites to look good on mobile devices. If you understood how to use the tool with banners and boxes, you could deign sites for desktop that looked great, but would still need to make some adjustment for mobile. For experienced users, this was not much of a problem, for new users it caused a lot of frustration.

Builderall could have asked people to follow certain best practice design tactics and kept going with the same builder. But, they realized this frustration of adjusting to mobile devices was a real issue. BTW, adjusting sites for different mobile devices it no easy task. There are so many screen sizes and different browsers that adjusting for tablets and phones in different browsers is challenging.

Anyway, acknowledging the mobile challenge, Builderall built a new drag n drop site creator. This new creator was built from the ground up with new improved technology. Having done some software design myself, I found it amazing they have been able to release this new Cheetah site builder in a few months. A project that big would usually take several months, even over a year.

Now, the new Cheetah builder is almost as complete as Pixel Perfect. It is still missing a few features, but those should be implemented soon.

The real benefit to this new builder is how it renders pages on mobile devices, with almost no design adjustment. After you build your site for desktop with Cheetah, you switch to the mobile view and “boom!”…your site is 95% done, and mobile ready.mobile-funnel-builder

You might ask “why not 100% done”? Again, mobile challenges make it impossible for 100% perfection on any builder.  With Cheetah the only changes you may need to make is to easily move a block or two up or down on the mobile page.

If you have a lot of images, you may want to hide some of those images, or you may want to reduce the size of the images in mobile only. Those are the only adjustments I have had to make.

I have been using the Cheetah builder the past few weeks and I want to show you some of the sites built with it. Full disclosure, I wouldn’t call myself a “design expert”, just a normal online entrepreneur who builds his own sites.

My latest new site – FunnelLove.com
All of the lead funnels on that page were built with Builderall Cheetah.

All of these landing pages were built with the Builderall Cheetah site builder

A site for selling my WordPress plugins. I still have to do some work on this site. I need to connect it to Builderall’s checkout system, and to the download membership area for the products.

In case you didn’t know, you can easily use Builderall to sell products using Paypal and Stripe. When you sell a product, your buyer goes into your Builderall email autoresponder, and is added to a protected members download page. All happening on one platform.

This is my most popular WordPress plugin on my new sales page. I still have it set to collect payment via JvZoo but will be moving that over to Builderall Super Checkout soon. For comparison, this is my old sales page for the plugin, built on WordPress. I could have never made my WordPress site look like my new Cheetah site, and I have coded WordPress plugins…it’s that challenging.

Side Note: If you visited any of the sites above, you may have noticed how all these sites use https:// instead of http://. That means they are secure sites. Did you know that your websites need to have SSL certificates nowWhy Google is Forcing You To Have SSL Certificates on Your Websites?

Builderall automatically adds SSL certificates to your site to make them secure – a really nice bonus 🙂



Here are some features of the Cheetah drag and drop site creator that I really like.

Pre-Made Templates
cheetah-first-fold You can add pre-made panels and elements to your pages. Builderall has provided pre-made panels that you just click to add to your page. These panels are templates that help you easily jump start your site design.

These web design templates include images, headlines, sub headlines, video placements, lead capture forms etc. Some panel types include 1st fold, banner, blocks, call to action, checkout, contacts, contents, features, header, footer, pricing table, teams and testimonials.

You can easily add and modify these templates to your specific needs to create beautiful web sites.

Save Your Own Personal Templates
You can take these initial templates, change them in any way that you want, and then save then as your own personal elements, so you can use them again and again! This is huge…you build a panel (a part of a page) that you really like, and you can then save it as your own personal panel that you can leverage on other sites you create.

That’s exactly what I did with this Free Builderall Websites page. I found a block that I liked, added it to my page, made some changes to it, and saved it as a personal block. In the future I can quickly add this to a new page, change colors and text, and have a whole new simple page in just a few minutes.

BTW, I probably shouldn’t show you that Free Builderall Websites page above because the official announcement isn’t out yet. If you look at that page you will see what I’m referring to 🙂

I’m really having a good time with this Cheetah website builder, and it’s made me more productive.

If you have a need to quickly build new funnels, affiliate landing pages, sales pages or any other online real estate, I suggest you give the Cheetah drag n drop site creator a test drive.

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