Now A Builderall Certified Partner – My Journey

It’s been a long while since I posted here today. Not good on my part, but I have a bit of an excuse 🙂

Back in late October I started my Builderall Certification journey.

As you may have noticed by reading this blog, I am a big Builderall advocate. I am an ambassador of Builderall because I believe in their vision of creating a digital entrepreneur in every home. Plus I love the value you get for the cost.Builderall Certified Partner

I have gone all in with Builderall, and because of that I wanted to know everything I could about all the tools of the platform. So I made an investment in myself, and paid for the certification training.

The certification training was 2-3 hours per day, starting in October and lasting through February. It was 66 days, spending time on Zoom or watching replay videos. It was a time consuming task to get through the training, and then to complete the tasks required to pass the certification.

I’m proud to say I did it, and I am now a Builderall Certified Partner.

BuilderAll Certified Partner Course Content

Some of the more detailed courses had to do with:

The Pixel Perfect Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Using Banners, boxes and buttons
  • All Image and Video Features (there are a lot)
  • Creating contact and email forms
  • Integrating email forms with Mailingboss
  • Animated counters, group hovers and timers
Creating Sales Funnels
  • Standard email capture to product sales page
  • Amazon coupon funnel
  • Tripwire funnel
  • And More…
Creating Menus, Anchor Menus and Drip Menus
Using Headers and Footers
Using Special Effects
Creating checkouts
Creating Membership Areas
Tying checkout payments to membership areas

Using much of the training above, we created an anchor page. An anchor page is basically a single page site that has a menu system. Clicking on a menu item takes you to a specific place on the page related to the menu item.

Here is the page I created.

I haven’t actually launched this page yet, I still have a little work to do. But it’s an example of page made from scratch that was not hard to build. Once complete I will tie it to a domain and have SSL (https://) applied to it.

As a side note, one of the great things about Builderall is you can get an SSL certificate assigned to your domain at no extra charge. You really need to have SSL on your sites today, as Chrome will now mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”, and I suspect Google ranks secure sites higher than not secure.

We also went into detail on the MailingBoss email autoresponder
  • Creating email lists
  • Creating email campaigns
  • Creating email sequences
  • Using rules to move subscribers to different lists
  • Using the drag and drop email canvas to visually create email lists, campaigns and sequences.

The BA MailingBoss autoresponder is really powerful

Did you know Builderall has dozens of ready made templates in several different niches? It’s easy to pull these templates into the page builder and customize them to suit your needs, or the needs of your customer. We looked at some of the best.

We spent a couple of days on the Mobile App Builder. As someone who has built some mobile apps on another platform, that charge a monthly fee, I was impressed with the builder. Plus it’s included with the BA Pro membership.

We learned about the Animated Video tool and the Floating Video tool – pretty cool stuff. While in training the Video Wrapper tool was released. This is a tool that you can use to take a video, wrap it with a cool border, and add text or an image over the top of the video. Really simple to use and powerful.

We learned about the BuilderAll Marketplace. Bet you didn’t know they had one. It’s a place for you to post your products for sale and allow affiliates to help sell your products for you. Similar to JVZoo, Warrior plus, or Clickbank.

I now have a product out there. Okay, not the prettiest sales page 🙂 It’s on my action items list to redesign it. Maybe I’ll do a video to show you how easy it easy it is to redesign a page.

I was really impressed with the Facebook Chatbot tool. When people comment on your FB posts, you can ask them to type a certain word, the chatbot will understand that word and go to work sending automated Instant Messages to your visitors. It’s like a Facebook IM autoresponder. I haven’t had much time to really put this to work but it’s certainly on my todo list.

We learned of the Script Generator tool that you can use to build powerful sales pages and emails targeted to your ideal customer. I have already used this tool to generate some powerful headlines on web pages.

We spent time on the E-Learning tool that you can use to build online courses. These courses can be accessed for free, or you can change people to get access to your courses.

There was an Instagram Autoresponder just added to the Builderall members area just after we completed the certification. I’ll have to learn about that on my own, but I am not much of an Instgram user (I hear it’s popular with young people. Are more senior people like me allowed?)

Last, but certainly not least, we were trained on the BA Webinar tool. Create your own webinars, and easily integrate registration with your Builderall pages. It integrates with MailingBoss so you can send reminders and follow-ups to those who register for the webinar. You can even do scheduled evergreen webinars.

Now I want to show you the Builderall Certification tasks I had to complete, show you the sites I built for certification, and share some notes on those sites.

I could have taken the easy way out and just did the minimum to pass Builderall certification, but I wanted to take a little more time and have something I could actually use when complete.

Builderall Certification Task 1


Make sure that the form for the magic funnel has name, email, (password and hidden affiliate ID is optional). Make sure your site is mobile optimized.

My Magic Funnel Site

Some Notes:
The “Magic Funnel” is a unique feature of Builderall, allowing me to build a custom form that lets you sign up for a free trial account. Most companies direct you through their own standard sign-up page, no customization allowed.

The round image of my beautiful face, is actually a square image, but using a box and making it round, I was able to make it appear round, with a border.
I used an accordion feature to expand and shrink the “5 Must Haves” to long term success in affiliate marketing.

This one was pretty easy.

Builderall Certification Task 2

Create an OPTIN FORM with a 7 email sequence, and social proof

The email list should be double optin and I should land on the email confirmation page first and then the thank you page. Place the social proof popup on the optin page. Make sure your site is mobile optimized.

My Optin Form Site

Some Notes:
This is a simple optin form, which in case you didn’t know…is good. You want a simple headline and sub headline with little other distraction. It’s always good to include a picture of yourself. In this case, I included a picture of me, my wife, and our awesome softball playing daughter. She is playing in college right now – yes I am a proud papa!

The small popup in the lower left that says “…Requested their Free Report” is another Builderall tool, and is one of my favorites. It is the Social Proof tool. The last I checked, other social proof tools charge a hefty fee for their service. It’s included with the Builderall Pro program. Take the 7 Day Free Trial and check it out.

Go ahead and input your name and email on this page to see of I really passed this Builderall certification task 🙂 BTW, this does lead to a free valuable report that you should read.

Builderall Certification Task 3

Create a SALES FUNNEL with checkout and membership area

Your sales funnel should have at least two items for sale and should flow from one item to the next much like a tripwire funnel. I should see the checkout with a “no thanks” button on each page. Your funnel should also include at least one downsell. You should deliver the products in a protected area. Make sure your site is mobile optimized.

My Main Sales Page

Some Notes:
This page, and all subsequent pages, were built in Builderall based on the pages I was provided in a PLR product. I simply duplicated, or closely duplicated, these pages in Builderall.

If you click on any of the “Click Here to Get Instant Access” buttons, you will be taken to the checkout page.

When you enter your information and order the product, you will be taken to Paypal (I could have used Stripe instead). Upon payment you will be taken here, to the upsell.

This upsell page is very similar in color and layout to the sales page. The checkout for this upsell product, is on the upsell page itself. The checkout form has an order button and a “No, Thanks” button configured in the checkout settings. I also include a a no thanks type of link at the bottom of the page like you see in many upsell pages today.

If you purchase the upsell product, you will be taken to the thank you page that includes buttons linking to the package you bought.

These buttons link to membership areas that are locked down to only those that purchased that product. Go ahead and click on any of these buttons. Unless you purchased, your will get an “Access denied” message.

If you click on the “No, Thanks” button. or the “I understand that this is a great deal with the videos, MP3s, Cheat Sheet, Mind Map and Resource guide, but I’ll pass.” link at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to the downsell page, where you can purchase the videos only without the MP3 audios or the bonuses.

This is a very basic page with just a little text and the downsell page.

Everyone who purchased the base product will have access to the members area for that product. Those purchasing the upsell or, or the downsell will have access to the members area for that product.

I have also tied different MailingBoss lists to each product. As people purchase the upsell or downsell and are added to a new list, I can automatically have them removed from the base product list. I can then send different emails to the different lists. To the base list I can offer the upsell again, and eventually the downsell.

I’m pretty proud of this creation 🙂

This was all done with Builderall. No other tools were used to build any of the sites I used in my certification. that is how powerful this tool is. This is an example of what you can do with Buildserall.

Soon after I completed my certification, BA played a dirty little trick on me 🙂  Planning the flow of my pages, checkouts, lists, and membership areas was pretty challenging. Then Builderall released their drag and drop funnel builder Canvas. If I would have had this before I built my Task 3 sales funnel, it would have been so much easier!

With the BA Canvas Funnel Builder, you can drag and drop components onto a canvas and build your funnel visually. Once complete, with the click of a button, everything is created – pages, checkouts, lists, and membership areas. Then you just need to edit the content and you’re ready to go. Builderall already has some standard funnel templates built, and more will be built over time.

This is what my funnel layout would have looked like using the drag and drop canvas tool.

This is going to be a game changing tool when it comes to building sales funnels 🙂

Well, that was my Builderall Certification journey. If you’ve made to the bottom of this post, congratulations, I know it’s been a loooong one.

Be sure to checkout the Builderall tool here, and get your free 7 day trial.

Until next time,

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