One-Time Flat Fee – Unlimited Email Autoresponder!

A one-time flat fee, unlimited email autoresponder! What?

Yes, for a limited time, you can get a lifetime autoresponder account and send unlimited emails with superior delivery and open rates.

Stop paying hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, and without spending a fortune on SMTP services.

Don’t be fooled, not every email system is the same.

If you aren’t happy with the number of email opens and click-throughs you currently get, you’ll significantly benefit from this system.

I have paid a minimum of $30 per month for an autoresponder with less than 10K leads, then the price jumps drastically when you reach 10K leads.

This unbelievable offer is only $50, one time!

Introducing the MailingBoss Flat Fee Autoresponder


Lifetime MailingBoss Account

​​​​​​​Unlimited lifetime access will help you dominate your email marketing.

Unlimited Subscribers

​​​​​Grow your list as big as you want and never worry about paying more as it grows.

Unlimited Email Sending

​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can send unlimited emails without paying for SMTP accounts!

Better Deliver-ability

​​​​​​​The company owns all the servers and IP’s have a strong reputation. Which means your emails will always land in your customer’s inbox.

All The Features You Need

​​​​​Ditch the multiple other email marketing services you use. Mailingboss can achieve everything you need, all in one place, to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Private Facebook Group Access

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get access to our private Facebook group and get inspiration, advice, support, and ideas from others who use MailingBoss every day!

Secure access to the MailingBoss platform today & never pay another monthly fee for your autoresponder needs again!

Soon, MailingBoss will charge annually for access. Don’t wait. Click here now to get lifetime access before it’s gone!

This could be your last chance to secure instant, lifetime access to MailingBoss and our full suite of features for a one-time investment.

There’s nothing else like this on the market right now!


Are there any limitations?
​​​​​​​No – You can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. It should be called MailingBoss Unlimited.

Is there any guarantee?
​​​​​​​Of course – if you’re not happy with MailingBoss, we don’t want your money. You get 30 days to try out the platform. If you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund immediately.

Can I have a dedicated email server?
​​​​​​​YES! We have custom solutions for you. So, whatever happens, MailingBoss can provide the perfect solution for your email marketing needs.

Does MailingBoss work on Mac?
​​​​​​​Yes, it does! MailingBoss works not just on your Mac, but on your smartphone, your tablet, your Linux installation and your Chromebook too. That’s because MailingBoss lives in the cloud, on our high-grade secure servers. Which means all you need to do is connect to a web browser to use it.

Can I import my current subscribers’ list?
​​​​​​​YES! However, we will need to do a few test emails when importing new contacts to check for email compliance. If you want to avoid that, you can also connect MailingBoss to Amazon SES or your SMTP of choice.

How much will MailingBoss be after this private offer?
​​​​​​​Hard to say right now. This is a limited time offer but we plan to charge a monthly fee and there will be “subscribers limit” plans in the future too. If you purchase the plan now, you won’t be affected by any of this.

Grab your professional, unlimited lead/campaign autoresponder for the unbelievably low, one time price of $50 today!


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