Part Time Affiliate Marketing Takes Discipline

Part time affiliate marketing takes discipline because you only have a limited amount of time you can work on it each day.



I’m a part time affiliate marketer. I work a full time job because I have a family to support. I do hope to transition to being a full time affiliate marketer, or at least use my affiliate marketing income supplemental income when I retire.

As a part time affiliate marketer, I know how hard to can be to start making money online. I understand seeing these successful guru marketers and wondering how do they have the time to do all they do, and feeling like I’ll never be able to succeed at this doing it part time.

But I know that is not true. Some of those gurus also started out part time and transitioned to full time. Some have had the luxury of doing it full time since they have a spouse that can support them will they grow their business.

What I have discovered about building an online business part time, is you really need to focus. You need to decide what it is you want to do, and focus on the one thing with your limited time.

It could be creating an online store and selling T-shirts, coffee mugs and other products with your designs. It could be selling items as a drop shipper. It could be blogging on a topic you are passionate about, and monetizing in a number of ways. It could be creating your own product.

Whatever it is, focus on that one thing and don’t get distracted. Also, have realistic expectations. It will take you some time and effort to start seeing consistent money coming in.

For me it’s affiliate marketing with list building. To me, affiliate marketing takes the least amount of work. It still does take work, but you don’t have to create products, do support, collect money, deal with refunds etc.

The most amount of work required for affiliate marketing is finding the right products to promote, writing reviews on the products, or doing video demos of the product.

The downside to this is that the income is not consistent. You may write a great review on a new product launching and get the review ranked. You might make some good money during, or a bit after the launch period, but then it will dwindle as fewer and fewer people are looking for that product. Then rinse and repeat.

This is not the best way to do affiliate marketing because you are constantly writing product reviews. It’s not a great way to build a long term business.

part-time-affiliate-marketingThe best way to build a long term business in affiliate marketing is to promote evergreen products that pay monthly. You need a product that people actually want, need and will use. Once you get them locked into using that recurring income product, it will be hard for them to leave.

The problem with most recurring income products, is they become stale, because they are usually focused on solving only one need.

But, if you can find a product that solves a number of needs, in an evergreen niche, and pays monthly, that is what you want to focus on.

That’s why, as a part time affiliate marketer, I am focused on truly building an online business with this digital marketing platform. I need to leverage my time and energy on one thing, that solves a number of problems, that will not go stale. Plus once people start using it, chances of them leaving are small. And even better, this affiliate program pays on 2 levels, so I get paid more if I help you succeed.

I am truly building a online business that I can sell later if I choose. Or, I can will it to my children someday.

If you are looking for something you can do part time, I highly recommend doing this. If you have the ability to do this full time, with focus, then you should really jump on this.

Look, I’ve been around a while. I have tried to make money online a number of ways. I have had some success with most, but it has been short term success. I have dropped everything to focus on this.

Become a part time affiliate marketer with discipline, working on the right thing…and focusing only on that thing.

Join in this adventure with me. I will be here to help you, because if you succeed, I also succeed.

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