Sell My WP URL Rotator as Your Own Product

Who would have thought my WordPress URL Rotator Plugin would have become so popular? I certainly didn’t when I created it. When it was first created it was a standalone PHP script you installed on your web hosting. It was pretty difficult for people with little technical knowledge to install. So I turned it into a WordPress plugin, and people love it!

I have made thousands of dollars with this plugin, and now I’m going to allow 5 people to sell the plugin as their own. I will re-brand the plugin for them, provide a sales page on a relevant domain, and help them get their plugin ready to sell.

Sell as Your Own Product

The best way to make money online is to have a product of your own that you can sell. Unfortunately, most people who attempt to sell online, will never have their own product, because it takes a lot of time and work to create a product that people will find value in and buy.

I want to help 5 people get started building a real online business by having a product to sell.

Why Am I Doing This?

You may be asking why I would allow others to compete with me in this niche marketplace. That is a fair question, and honestly I’m not sure I should be doing this 🙂 Yet, I really believe I can help people finally make their first dollar online.

I’ll tell you the truth, you are not going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with this one plugin. But you will experience what it feels like to make a sell (I can’t guarantee you’ll make sales, but would be shocked if you didn’t). You will start believing that you can make money online, and that is a large part of the battle.

You will be learning digital marketing skills that can be applied to selling different products as an affiliate, or even your own. You have to start somewhere, and I am giving you a head start by having your own product.

What You Will Get

You will get one of these domains. As these domains are requested here, I will remove them from the web page.

1. wphitrotator.com

2. rotatorplugin.com

3. wptrafficrotator.com

4. wpsiterotator.com

5. wprotator.com

Just so you know, all of these sites are already built and are live. I expect them to go fast.

I’m telling you, I think all of these domains will rank highly in Google, especially with my secret sauce.

So, you will get a website like this WPLinkRotator.com built on the digital marketing platform I use for hosting. The site will contain the sales page, checkout page, and protected members area where you can deliver the plugin.

You will need to have a payment gateway from one, or more of the services below.

You will get plugin branded to your site name.

The plugin details will include a site name of your choice. It can be your own personal site if you want.

Links inside the rotator itself can be any site you want.

What Is This Going to Cost?

So, I know you want to know how much this is going to cost you. I’m doing this a little differently. I could charge a flat fee of $497 or even $997 for this. Instead I am going to give this to you as a bonus when you become a Premium Plan Member with the best online marketing platform I have ever seen, Builderall.

Remember up above I told you of my “secret sauce” for ranking. This is my secret sauce for ranking well on Google because of the speed and SEO of the sites on this platform. See this blog post about my personal experience.

The Builderall platform contains the drag-n-drop site builder, your site will be built on. It has an autoresponsder, Chatbot, Sitebot, Magazine Builder, Blog Platform, eLearning platform, Webinar tool, 3-Click WordPress Integration, Scheduling Calendar and more…for only $69.90 per month.

This price is much less than you would pay for each of these tools separately, and less than you will find with any competitor (no competitor has all these tools).

All you need to do is to make 4 sales of the rotator at $17 per month to pay for your Builderall fee. This is very doable. I have easily sold more that four a month and that is all from organic traffic. I have done zero paid advertising, I only have a few YouTube videos on the rotator (I’m terrible at doing videos). I am not creating new content (blogging) about the tool. There is still a lot of opportunities to sell this plugin.

Full disclosure: I do get paid as an affiliate when you become a Builderall member. I will also support your plugin purchasers, so I think that affiliate compensation is very reasonable.

Time for me to be blunt. This is not for everyone, and if you aren’t in a position to invest $69.90 a month in you and your business, this probably isn’t for you. That’s okay, I get it. You can still join Builderall on the free plan and start learning about the platform and digital marketing. Or, you can try Builderall for 30 days for $1 dollar.

If you want a jump start in finally making money online, and can invest $69.90/Month, this is for you, but only five of you.

Go to this page and read the FAQs, and you can submit questions for me if you have any.

BTW, all of this site, the Home Page, checkout, members area…all of it was built with Builderall.

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