What are your Digital Marketing Dreams?

As humans, we naturally dream and think about the future, what will it be like? Where will we be? Will we get that Ferrari, and the partner we most want? Will we achieve all those dreams that we had when we were younger and planned out our future?

As Entrepreneurs, as Digital Marketers, we have a plan in place, and that plan is all about getting to our future, what was your reason for starting your business? Why did you become an Digital Marketer? What is your Digital Marketing Dream? Was it to earn some extra money? Did you want to be your own boss? Maybe you needed something that allowed you to work your own hours rather than the nine to five rat-race.

For me it was it was many of the above…starting my own business, earning extra income and having the flexibility to work the hours I choose. Those dreams often change over time. Mine have. If you have read a few of my posts you know I also work a full time job. So even though I do dream of the points above, as I get older my dreams of that are getting smaller and smaller. And that’s okay.

I still love doing this digital marketing stuff and I don’t see that changing. My dreams have changed since I am now seeing retirement on the horizon, though I can’t see me ever “retiring”. Now my dreams are continuing to build extra income, supplementing my retirement income. Plus continuing to learn and try new things, and finally keeping my mind sharp.

Whatever your reason you started down this path and put together a plan for your future. If you are just starting out, you may be thinking about your immediate goals, what do you need to achieve in the short term for this to be a viable career? If you are an old hand, with many campaigns and sales behind you, then what are your goals now? How do they compare with what you wanted to achieve when you started out?

Each day is a step into the future, it brings new challenges, new products, new ways of selling. Ten years ago, who knew that nearly every person in the developed and developing countries would have what amounts to a new super computer in their pockets.

Yes, you heard that right, a super computer, a modern smart phone has more computing power than all the computing power for all the Apollo space missions combined, and on all those devices is the ability to send and receive messages and browse the internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can be marketing and selling your products even when you are asleep, to anyone, anywhere, at any moment.

That’s the future we live in right now, what new advancements might come with the following dawn who can even guess. The one thing we know is that the future is always in motion. You can make plans for where you want to be, but make sure those plans can move and evolve just like the future does.

Don’t think about the financial goals you want to reach, instead think about the life goals and experiences you want to achieve, and make your business work to support them. As important as our work and careers are to us they are not the primary reason for a human to be alive.

Many of the most successful business people on the planet will say the first thing you must have to be successful is a strong work ethic above all else, success comes with hard work.

But here is the question to ask yourself as you plan your own tomorrow, when the dawn breaks do you want a lot of zeros in a computerized bank, or do you want a life full of experiences and happiness? Work to enrich your life, not to define it.

Don’t plan for a future that is so far away that it may not even exist when you finally get there, plan and work for the experiences and joys you can have along the way too.

If I could give you young “whipper snappers” some advice in working towards making your dreams come true in the area of digital marketing, it would be find a business that you can focus on. mike-gates-digital-marketerJust one business, and work that one thing until you are making good money with it.

It’s too easy to get distracted by the next “new thing”. Chasing that next new thing often wastes way too much time, and perhaps you could be living your dream right now if you had stayed the course and kept working that first business you were focusing on.

If I were you, no matter what age you are, this is where I would put my focus. That is where I am putting my focus. It doesn’t mean I don’t test and try new things that might enhance my business. It means I am immersed in this one business and it will surpass my current full time income by the time I retire.

Okay, get to work and make those digital marketing dreams a reality!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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