What You Can Build With Builderall – One Example!

I became a Builderall member about 2 years ago and have no regrets at all. I quickly fell in love with the drag and drop site builder. I was amazed with what I could do. I’m going to give you one example of what you can build with Builderall.

I originally signed up because I saw the drag and drop site builder (with hosting), plus an email autoresponder in one platform for about the same price that I was paying two other platforms. Joining Builderall was a no-brainer, because it was going to save me money 🙂

What You Can Build With Builderall
What You Can Build With Builderall

Little did I know how far and how fast this suite of tools would expand in a short amount of time. I never imagined new tools would be added regularly, with my monthly cost never increasing.

Just One Builderall Example

Just one example of what I was able to do (and you could too), I turned this WordPress URL Rotator sales page built on WordPress, into this built on Builderall. I chose WordPress for the original site back when I built this site because it was the best option for quickly creating sales pages. Though sales pages like this WordPress page were never really that great.

I had tried using an expensive plugin that you could use to create really nice pages, but I only had one license for that plugin and I had already used it on another site. So the sales page is really just some text and nothing else.

Then, I got Builderall and took that boring page and turned it to this WordPress Link Rotator page. I’m now selling this product on Builderall using the integrated Builderall checkout. No more JVzoo charges, no more having to integrate JVzoo & my autoresponder. No more figuring out how to protect my downloads from thieves, and having to use yet another platform to do that.

Now my customers see my sales page on Builderall, pay with the BA checkout system and get the product delivered to them in an integrated secure members area. Purchasers are also automatically added to my buyers list in my email autoresponder. I can now do all this on one platform.

Now I have a question for you

You’re probably here because you want to earn money online. My question for you is…what do you want to do online? Have you really thought about it, or are you like many, and just in love with the idea of making money online?

Do you want to sell digital products like I do? Do you want to promote affiliate products, like I do? Do you want to build and sell websites or digital marketing services like I do?

Do you want to sell physical products? Do you want to sell your knowledge with online learning courses? Do you want to personalize a lead funnel system for you network marketing business and copy it for your downline to use as well?

Whatever it is you want to do to generate income online, Builderall provides you with 90 to 100% of the tools do that. What’s even better, you get those tools in one cloud based digital marketing system.

I want you to know, I am a certified Builderall partner, meaning I have been trained and certified by Builderall to help you get the most out of the platform. I know about it’s powerful capabilities and what can be done with the tools.

If you’re not sure what you want to do online, the easiest way to get started is with affiliate marketing. And, if you have little experience as an affiliate marketer, I can help get you started.

Get Started with Builderall

You can get a copy of the $1 lead funnel I have created to promote Builderall as an affiliate.

If you like this funnel, and would like a $1 trial for 30 days, click the button to fill out the form and get a Builderall account.

You will be directed to a thank you page where you can request the funnel.

I can then copy the funnel to your account, if you ask for it. I will also set it up for you if you give me permission to access your drag and drop builder account as a VA (Virtual Assistant). You need to make sure you register as an affiliate in your back office so you get credit for any leads that come through your affiliate link.

Then, with the resources Builderall provides, you start telling others about the $1 trial. You can also offer them this $1 trial funnel. Some people will see the huge value in Builderall stay on after the 30 trial.

Unbelievable Affiliate Program

When they pay their first month fee, you earn 100% of the $69 (minus processing fees). Then you will earn 30% (minus small processing fees) every month they pay their monthly fee.

And even better, when someone becomes an affiliate using your link, then they sign up a paying affiliate themselves, you earn another 30% on that sub affiliate. It’s a 2 Tier affiliate program, which can explode your affiliate earnings.

Month to month retention rates are high with this type of product, because once someone creates a web property on it, they wont want to move it.

Having done affiliate marketing for quite a while, I have NEVER seen the support Builderall provides their affiliates. From pre-built funnels, to graphics and videos you can use, to emails you can copy, to weekly affiliate meetings…they provide you with every opportunity to succeed.

Using Builderall to Build Your Business

I’ve talked a lot about marketing Builderall as an affiliate. If you are not interested in marketing Builderall as an affiliate, and more interested in using the tools to build your own online business…that’s fantastic! I’ll help you in any way I can.

That’s what’s great about Builderall, you can earn in so many different ways.

Okay, now it’s your turn. If you want this funnel get your $1 trial.

If you’re not interested in that funnel, no problem, I still want to help you. You will need a Builderall account, so get the $1 trial and don’t request the funnel on the thank you page.

You should receive an email from me with my contact information. Contact me and we’ll go from there. If you don’t see that email, check your spam folder and mark my email as not junk. Email providers are picky these days so you never know what will get through 🙂

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

I would love to see what YOU can build with Builderall!

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